From the first space module to today's photovoltaic panels, the idea stays the same; produce part or all of the energy required by a system, using a renewable and non polluting power source, the Sun. The breakthroughs realised in this field are tremendous, in terms of reliability, efficiency and price. The range has considerably widened (power, transparency and shape), therefore allowing us to provide you with a power plant adapted to your practical and aesthetics requirements.

Transform a passive roof in some active surface, that is the aim of solar modules integration. Either installed on top of the roofing or replacing it, their integration will be perfect and sustainable. Ideal and easy to install, they will enable your home to keep its visual aspect and give it a touch of renewable and non polluting originality

Energy is to the heart of World concerns. You're dreaming of an independent and clean electric production? You can achieve this goal at your scale, by choosing to set up a plant connected to the electric grid.
The first grid connected installations in France result from our labour. Our experience and abilities (we are dedicated to photovoltaics since 1992) allow us to design outstanding and optimised solar plants.

Some remote sites will never be able to be connected to the grid. Though, fundamental needs in electricity can be covered by a stand-alone mini-plant; isolated house, telecommunication relay station, or meteorological station are a selection of concrete applications that can be supplied by a solar plant.